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My Comment to the USTR on Moto Tariffs

If any historical record is to be taken into the decision, as your high school history teacher would have you do, it is that tariffs on the automotive industry can have devastating consequences. The infamous Chicken Tax, enacted by our wondrous Potus LBJ, has created a significant deficit in the LD pickup market for over 40 years. Without foreign competition, the light truck market in the US has had significant failure. The death of the Ranger, Dakota, and the unsteady Colorado show the effects of a stagnant market. AND NOW, the decision is to enforce reparations upon the European market through motorcycles, including BMW, Ducati, and the ever-popular KTM brand. And if VW, GM, Ford, and Subaru were willing to either leave the market or cheat their way in because of a 25% tariff, how do you think the motorcycle market will respond to a 100% tariff? Do you believe the revenue lost for the meat market will be regained through this? According to history, you are wrong. The market instead will suffer, and you will eventually lose the market altogether. This is not “reparations”. This is payback. And we, the consumers, refuse to suffer for your petty squabbles.


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