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The Supercar Dilemma, or "How I Became an Automotive Communist."

I hate supercars. Yeah, go ahead, flood my email. I don’t care. I hate ‘em. And here’s why.

The first use of the word “supercar” was in an advertisement for an unnamed car in The Motor, on November 3 1920, stating “The Supreme development of the British super-car.” The Oxford English Dictionary describes a supercar as “a car superior to all others”.


That sounds pretty hefty. What that really means is “Hey, we made a car that’s faster than all our other cars. Oh, and you can’t have one.” Wait, what? I can’t have one? ... no.

In 1957, the great E-type Jaguar was conceived. Enzo Ferrari called it “The most beautiful car ever made.” Molded from the now discarded D-type design, the E-type came into production in 1961, replacing the XK150. In 1963, Jaguar created the E-type Lightweight. This was a continuation on both the old D-type racing design and the more recent Low Drag Coupe design from 1962. Scheduled for 18 cars, Jaguar only produced 12. (Although Jaguar completed the last six in 2015, at a price of $1.5 million, made only available to established Jag collectors.) This exquisite example of 60's engineering contained enough aluminum to build a scale model B-52. Aluminum block, three Weber carbs, and mechanical fuel injection. Combine this with...


History lesson’s over. Point is, the Lightweight was the pinnacle. Superior to all others. A supercar. And what follows this name? An outrageous price tag and limited run production. And that is what I hate most. For most of the population, we can’t even afford to buy a Viper, the running joke of the supercar world. And the fact that you have to own several supercars just to buy a supercar? Whose cruel joke is that? It’s like, “Nope, can’t buy this Las Vegas Hotel. You have to own Reno first.” Let the rich pay the rich. I’ll just sulk in my half broken Z28 hoping for 200 bhp.

“But without supercars, we wouldn’t have the innovation we have in cars today!” Again, false. Without racing, we wouldn’t have the innovation we have in cars today. But some other great things have come from racing too. The homologation special. A car created for the public merely so the teams can race. I love the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR. But, it’s not a supercar. It’s a homologation special. And by definition, it can’t be a supercar, because it’s not superior to its racing variant. Yes, you could argue with this, but basically, you can’t kill the homologation special without killing the whole racing series it’s based on. In conclusion, if you have enough money for a homologation special, just get into racing and buy the real damn thing.


So where do I end? With the fact that even today, with society being richer than ever, we still have to be flaunted over by our bourgeoisie overlords while we buy their table scrap Lamborghini Urracos and Espadas. Think of how many more excellent tractors would exist if Lamborghini had continued his original dream.

Let’s be honest here. I really love supercars. We all do. But I despise the purpose of the supercar. So here is my plan. Give everyone a Lotus Elan. Everyone gets a sports car, no one gets a supercar. Let’s be Automotive Communists.


Just kidding. I love America. Go Capitalism.

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